[4] He continued to upload videos of guitar covers and began producing content about Singapore. Biggest plot twist is that he is revealed to be a PAP candidate. Apr 8, 2021 #3 He earn more in sinkland than jp . [12] Ghib Ojisan, who makes a living from the money generated from the ads YouTube runs on his videos, found a 30% to 40% decline in earnings in the several months before the circuit breaker measures. By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. [1] He visited the Yishun MRT station, where he heard the vibrant sounds of cars, people, and pianos. The place is aptly called Makan Makan, which means "eat" inMalay. If youd like to be featured, or have a nominee in mind, please drop us a note at, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), 15 Questions With The Woke Salaryman - Content Creator, 20 Questions with Biogirl MJ - Content Creator Interviews, 20 Questions with The Pressing Times - Content Creator, 20 Questions with Aiken Chia - Content Creator Interviews, Receive news, promotions and more via email from The Smart Local. When he visited London last year, he went to the Singaporean-founded stall Mei Mei at Borough Market to try its offerings, which included $16 chicken rice and $20 nasi lemak. Popular Japanese YouTuber Ghib Ojisan Met & Married S'porean Girl While Doing Travel Vlog And turns out, Ghib Ojisan met his wife, a Singaporean girl, back then when he was doing a travel vlog here. However, it definitely wasn't the usual hawker centre pricing after a hearty meal, the bill came up to 7,315 yen (S$75) for three pax, which Ghib Ojisan remarked as "not too bad". The second main they tried was the bak kut teh (1,540 yen). Welcome to /r/singapore: the reddit home of the country Singapore. You can be obese if you want; you won't be punished.". He then went on to stay here for two months, even though backpacking in Singapore was pretty expensive. [2] At the beginning of 2018, Ghib Ojisan returned to Japan and began uploading to YouTube the videos of his travels. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Illusionist_85 Honorary Member. [13][14] During the pandemic, he made a video of his checking up on the health of his Bangladeshi friend, a migrant worker in Singapore whom he had first encountered in 2019. Im fortunate and grateful this video gave me everything I wanted. [1][3] Prior to completing his university studies, Ojisan had not gone traveling but became inspired to after reading the Kotaro Sawaki[ja] book Midnight Express[ja] about a man who went on bus trip from New Delhi to London. Ghib Ojisan (; born in 1990), known also as Ghibli Ojisan or Ken, is a Japanese travel YouTuber based in Singapore. This isn't your typical Hokkien mee either. This was until he accepted a job offer in Singapore and decided to move here alone. Omg, we know that Ghib made a Bangladeshi migrant worker friend while buskingbut little did we know that he met his wife through busking too!! The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". A lot of schools approached me to give presentations, and even got invited by TED to give a talk, but I gave them a miss. [18][ 3] In 2021, he applied for permanent residency in Singapore, and stated that he is in the midst of eventually taking up Singaporean citizenship. This post is part of our Content Creator series. . In 5 years time he will evolve to becoming a true Sinkie, no more Ghibil Ojisan, only Ah Gib. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ghib Ojisan's YouTube channel was among the 10 channels with the highest increase in Singaporean subscribers. Born in Osaka, grew up in California, and now staying in Singapore, YouTuber Ghib Ojisan made a name for himself with videos detailing his experiences about living as a Japanese person in Singapore. He was also the one who did the video on the Sembawang hot spring park when it first opened! Im proud of this video because firstly, its a collaboration with STB! Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. his wife and family happy ish can riao . But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. After graduating from Keio University's Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, he had brief stints at a manufacturing company's personnel and sales departments. Next up, they had paper-wrapped chicken (660 yen) and while they all unanimously agreed that it was delicious, they felt like something was a bit off. The thought alone is crazy because Ive always seen myself as a normal, not-so-interesting guy. Hi I'm Ghib Ojisan, a Japanese travel vlogger living and making videos in Singapore. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. He later married her and decided to settle in the country. I also like the fact that earthquakes seldom occur. 'Very atas': Ghib Ojisan reviews $13.60 chicken rice and $6.80 otah in Japan Melissa Teo AsiaOne Jun 24, 2022 PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ghib Ojisan Despite being Japanese, YouTuber Ghib. ALSO READ:Sabah quake survivor overcomes serious injuries to get IPPT gold, introduced a new Fitness Improvement Training(FIT) programme, Sabah quake survivor overcomes serious injuries to get IPPT gold. He revealed in his latest YouTube video the real reason why he came to Singapore. Find out whats special about you and implement that in your content. He is, however, concerned that people will no longer watch his videos after his marriage is revealed. Singapore Delicious Food Map | 40+ of Ghib's Favorite Eateries Including Japanese places! 40, Access to Patron-Only Feed where Ghib will post updates, behind the scenes posts/photos/videos , Invitation and Access to the DISCORD Chat Room DISCORD, Straight Talk With Ghib & Wife. "It's almost like a different dish in my opinion," said Ghib Ojisan, adding that it reminded him of siew mai. . 251,110,993 votes In the video, he flies a drone towards his father-in-law and says hi, and they seem to have a good time off-camera. The two Singaporean men both passed the test, with Evan scoring silver. I was raised in America so I personally dont know how they teach history in Japan but I dont think many Japanese people know about the history (between the two countries), he said. He clarified that he wasnt trying to hide anything. In the text these self-published references are preceded by a double dagger (): Ghib Ojisan busking with his guitar in Croatia in 2017, Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency, "Japanese YouTuber visits 'dangerous' Yishun, only to find it a 'nice cozy town', " 304 ", "S'pore-based Japanese vlogger scores surprise hits with videos on Yishun, HDB flats", "J+PLUSYouTuber Ghib Ojisan", "Popular Japanese YouTuber Ghib Ojisan Met & Married S'porean Girl While Doing Travel Vlog", "In safe Singapore's 'cursed' town, ghosts and odd happenings", "Japanese YouTuber makes video to explain to Japanese what Japan did to S'pore in WWII", "Japanese vlogger calls Sembawang Hot Spring Park a 'legit onsen', "Japanese YouTuber tries getting a 'Singapore-style' haircut, says he now looks like an onigiri", "Covid-19: YouTube viewership in S'pore soars 30 per cent, with watchtime for fitness videos tripling", "YouTube watch time in Singapore jumps more than 30% as more stay home during pandemic", "Japanese YouTuber checks in on his Bangladeshi friend quarantined in Singapore dormitory", "Japanese man explores 'S'pore's most dangerous area' a.k.a. Contact us. By clicking subscribe, I agree for my personal data to be used to send me TODAY newsletters, promotional offers and for research and analysis. Expressing her delight, Dr Lee said that Mr Ken showed the true face of Yishun, that it is a vibrant, warm and safe town. Impressed by what it takes to pass IPPT every year, the YouTuber told Evan and Caleb: "[NSmen] are amazing, you guys are so strong, and you guys don't even realise that". I think it also has one of the best-located McDonalds in Singapore. [3] During his one-year stint of backpacking visits to 27 countries, he did street performances with his guitar of video game, anime, and movie song covers and uploaded YouTube videos of those performances. In one minute right?". [3] He next made a video about Yishun and hawker centres in which he used a combination of English, Singlish, and Japanese. [2] Sengkang was the first place in which he showcased on YouTube the experience of living in Singapore. However, he kept this a secret and continued seeing her, and well, I think its safe to say that things went well for them. ojisan can mean uncle or middle-aged man in Japanese. And if you want to take a look at his video explaining his marriage, you can do so below: Here are what workers in Singapore should know about Budget 2023: Is This New Rule for NSmen Good News for Them? [2] Ghib Ojisan initially posted videos in which he visited the Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, and Chinatown. Ghib Ojisan , known also as Ghibli Ojisan or Ken, is a Japanese travel YouTuber based in Singapore. Despite his tight budget and Singapore being a relatively expensive place for a backpacking style of travel, he remained in the country for two months to be with her. [1][2] Louis Ng and Lee Bee Wah, members of the Parliament of Singapore who were part of the Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency, responded positively to Ojisan's video. In early 2020, Curley Gao returned to China and appeared on Tencents girl group survival show Produce Camp 2020. Do you need underlay for laminate flooring on concrete? [1] As he gained 2,000 subscribers from the video, his Japanese subscribers decreased to 30% of the total subscriber base. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you. Ghib Ojisan (; born in 1990), known also as Ghibli Ojisan or Ken, is a Japanese travel YouTuber based in Singapore. The discrepancy in the number of victims reported by both governments also sparked the idea to film that video. April 2019 when I had my first viral video on YouTube. Popular YouTuber Ghib Ojisan shared his happy video reunion with the Bangladeshi friend and collaborator he's been unable to meet since all worker dormitories were locked down due to COVID-19. for curley gao on Twitter: Congratuations to Curley Gao who WON Produce Camp 2020 with 251,110,993 votes!!!!!! $10 / month. After the plate of otah had been wiped clean, they were served the mains, with the first one being chicken rice (1,320 yen). metal poisoning from vaping symptoms. Photo: YouTube/Ghib Ojisan. [3] Upon his college graduation, Ojisan worked in Japan at a manufacturer in the personnel department, an experience he did not like, so he transferred to a sales role. Secondly, I was able to incorporate many hidden spots in Singapore in one video. "Which is actually healthier. [2] The videos received little attention. [1] In two weeks, his subscriber count grew from 100 to 20,000. Ojisan made videos of his experiences living as a Japanese person in Singapore. "It's not the usual bak kut teh, but it's so good. Keep it up. The machine uses motion sensors to calculate the number of push-ups performed, which means that some of Evan's push-ups would have been consideredas "no-counts", they said. My favorite food is chili padi and popiah. BEHIND the scenes and Exclu. Sometimes, you got to look for them while other times, your right one just comes strolling along the PIE. His video received a large amount of media attention and led to a large increase in YouTube subscribers from outside Japan, which had until then been his primary audience. They are my mentors, even though Ive never met any of them. Yes, you can easily cancel or upgrade your pledge at any time. Ive been abroad for 2 years and 3 months. [17] Around September 2020, Ojisan and his wife bought a previously owned Housing and Development Board flat with four bedrooms for about S$500,000 (US$362,319). Life is hard to predict. An exhausted Ghib clocked an 18-minute run while Evan and Caleb each clocked 12 minutes 30 seconds and 14 minutes respectively. [3][9] In January 2020, he filmed his visit to Sembawang Hot Spring Park where he attempted to cook an egg through the spring water. I started out my freelance career as a blogger and I quite liked it. Ghib Ojisan speaks in Japanese and English in his videos, and includes captions in both languages, with occasional Singlish phrases that contains Mandarin and Malay. [2] In Yishun, he visited a pasar malam which sold fried food and observed stray cats, temples, roast duck rice, and friendly locals. After discussing where to settle down, they decided on Singapore. If I really had to, though, Id probably give a talk along the lines of How To Become A Content Creator. We know it's a hassle to switch browsers but we want your experience with TODAY to be fast, secure and the best it can possibly be. After graduating from Keio University's Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, he had brief stints at a manufacturing company's personnel and sales departments. However, despite the differences, they really enjoyed the dish. Articles copied from Draft Namespace on Wikipedia could be seen on the Draft Namespace of Wikipedia and not main one. His name, Ghib Ojisan, is a pseudonym for his YouTube channel which he chose because he was inspired by Studio Ghibli's animations. [2][4][6] He began working at a Singaporean company but resigned after half a year as he became concerned that he was uploading fewer YouTube videos. [3] His video about his Housing and Development Board flat caught the attention of his Japanese watchers, drawing numerous reactions from people wondering why the flat had a bomb shelter. "Some customers asked for chilli pastes, but chilli padi, you're the first," she elaborated. Ghib Ojisan was born on 15 March 1990 in Osaka Prefecture in Japan. Welcome to the community! Awesome! Additionally, Ghib Ojisan shared that this chicken rice wasn't your typical rendition of the dish as it came with a side of Chinese vegetables and tofu. [2] In December 2019, he made a video titled "What did Japan do to Singapore?" [1] At the beginning of 2018, Ojisan returned to Japan and began uploading to YouTube the videos of his travels. oji-sannoun. Kind words like What you are doing is great. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. On the mission to showcase the local sights of . Ghibli Ojisan[1] was born in 1990 in Osaka Prefecture in Japan. While Ghib Ojisan enjoyed the dish, he felt the Hokkien mee would be better with some chilli padi. From Yishun to SGs culture and history, his YouTube channel has achieved phenomenal success among Singaporeans. Ghib Ojisan is a Japanese travel vlogger living in Singapore, who documents his day-to-day adventures with newfound friends and family in the sunny city. Boy Purposely Jammed MRT Platform Doors at Jurong East to Post Video on YouTube, There Will Soon be a Dedicated Team to Resolve Noise Disputes Between Neighbours, PM Lees Brother, Lee Hsien Yang, Considering Running for President of Spore, By 2026, All HDB Coffeeshops Will Need to Sell Budget Meals at $2.50 a Meal, Msia Shared Photos of JB-SG MRT Line Thats Reportedly on Track to be Completed by 2026. I dont have a typical Japanese-type character, but maybe its because I was brought up in the USA. But thats what makes it interesting. [2] In high school, he participated in soccer and tennis tryouts but did not make the sports teams. But when he turned his gaze on some of the more everyday aspects of Singaporean life, his fortunes took a turn for the better. Who is Ojisan? The final dish they had was the Hokkien mee (1,100 yen), which Ghib Ojisan said was "so difficult to find in Japan". Who is Ghib Ojisan? [2] After he adjusted the focus of his videos to what it is like to live in Singapore, his channel started doing better. In a final showdown, Ghib challenged the duo to an arm-wrestling match but the Singaporeans still came out on top. Mr Ken has not shied away from sensitive topics, such as the Japanese occupation in Singapore during World War II. [5] In 2019, Ghib Ojisan married the woman and they had two wedding ceremonies, one in Japan and one in Singapore. The people in Singapore are also very friendly and chill, so its easier to make friends and have a casual chat with anyone. oji-sannoun. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. They call me down-to-earth, and a Japanese YouTuber with a hilarious Singaporean mother-in-law. [2][3] Ghib Ojisan had reviewed an article that described assaults of police officers with stun guns, murders, and cats being slaughtered, occurring in Yishun, which portrayed it a risky place to live in. Nothing I really dislike, but maybe the service can be better? PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ghib Ojisan To pass the time, he also did a quick question and answer (Q&A) session on his situation. He is a great ambassador for Singapore. Mr Ken, aged in his late twenties, told TODAY that his vlogging journey in Singapore started with explorations of popular tourist attractions like the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and Chinatown, but despite his best efforts, those videos did not take off.